Hey there

I'm sasha

Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Sasha, I am an activist, an educator, and also an artist and sculptorer. In everything I do, I want to add more magic and beauty to the world.

I am happy to finally share with the world the gifts of my magic creatures, the art of my iron wires, the beasts of power and the legendary creatures. The magic of light, art and wire.

When I was 10, I found an iron wire reel in my father's warehouse. I slowly started playing with them and sculpting creatures. 

Alongside my other works (that included sculpture in other materials, goldsmithing, painting, paper cuttings and more) I have always had a special place for the art of sculpting in iron wires. And so over the years, I’ve developed my creative technique with wire sculpting, and was content with giving the sculptures as gifts on birthdays and events for my friends, lovers and family.  

I had another significant leap in my creative development when I discovered the ability to sculpture iron wires, entwine and illuminate them with tiny LED bulbs.

The illuminated sculptures add charm and life to the artwork, making them legendary and mythical.

When I sculpt, I invite the spirit of the sculpture to be present in the work, so that at the end the sculpture is a totem or a power object that adds its special quality to the room and space.

My sculptures illuminate ceremonial spaces, shamanic and therapeutic spaces, they illuminate altars, courtyards, windows and can add charm and power to your enviroment.

Each work is unique, handmade and is created with high intention and attention.

The sculptures shown in the store and gallery are only a partial sample of the works I made, others have been bought before the creation of this site. I invite you to imagine with me what sculpture and power entity you would like to summo. You can choose a sculpture from the store and be certain it is unique and one of a kind, or you can correspond with me and even send me pictures so I can make a statue especially for you.

The sculptures on the site range in size, from miniatures to sculptures of half a meter or more.

I invite you to be my partners in co-creating works of  light, art and wires.